What our clients are saying…..

Linda Taylor
“I broke my spine in 1979 when i was 34 and still dancing. Two vertebrae slipped out of alignment and remain so. Eventually got over that but over the years developed arthritis in some vertabrae and then by 1990 was diagnosed with significant erosion of few discs and because of increasing pain was prescribed quite large quantities of painkillers namely tramadol. In the 90s when i was having osteopathy and hydrotherapy at JPH i was told my pelvis was quite unstable and as a result had frequent attacks of sciatica. Now i am sure that Pilates has strengthened amongst other things the muscles around my pelvis and lower back and helped to keep me free from pain and discomfort YAY In the 80s i had read about Joseph Pilates and tried to find classes and had no luck around here. Thankyou Hannah! ”

Dorothy Futter (age 71)
“I cannot recommend Riverside Studios highly enough. I joined in 2012 when Hannah first opened, I attend Pilates, Bootybarre and Power Yoga classes. Hannah and all her team are great and I feel healthier, stronger and more toned. The studio is welcoming and very sociable.”

Ellie Lince
“Even though I’ve only recently been introduced to the amazing classes at Riverside Studios, I still have nothing but amazing things to say about them and the teamNeeding some variation to my fitness routine, (having been only focusing on spinning so far) I was encouraged to try Beginners Pilates, and even though I’m only three classes in, it’s already changing the way I feel in my mind, body and soul!

Jane Ward
“I first came to Hannah & the Team at Riverside Studio as a private client in May 2016 having been diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis 5 years before. Transverse Myelitis is a rare Neurological condition which affects the spinal cord, and central nervous system. I suffered from a legion in my cervical spinal cord which had resulted in temporary paralysis down the left side of my body. After Neurology treatment at Addenbrookes I re-gained the feeling but was left with issues with walking, balance, muscle weakness & nerve pain in my feet & legs.
Prior to my illness I had been fit & active and I was desperate to find an exercise which would help to improve my fitness & general wellbeing without aggravating my condition. Pilates was just that!
After 3 sessions with Hannah in which she re-built my confidence, I joined a weekly Beginners Pilates class & I can honestly say I have never looked back. Within a few weeks I started to notice improvements in my balance and muscle strength and within a few months my walking, and general fitness had improved dramatically.
I now regularly attend 2 classes each week as Riverside also runs a corporate session at my workplace, which is another great service. The class is also a great way to relax & gives me 2 hours of “Me Time” every week to unwind my mind as well as body.
Over the last year I have also received regular support from Richard Morford at Gorleston Physio Clinic who consults out of Riverside Studio. With the collaboration between Richard & the Riverside Team my recovery has improved even further and I am now at the best health I have been since my diagnosis back in 2011.
7 years ago Transverse Myelitis shattered my world. 5 years ago I started to rebuild that world and with the support from Hannah and her Team over the last 2 ½ years I have returned to almost perfect health. I cannot thank them enough for all of their help and support which is ongoing. The team are passionate about what they do, and about the classes they provide and about their clients’ wellbeing.
If you are looking for friendly classes at a professional, supportive fitness studio you will definitely find this at Riverside and Seaside Studios.

I’ve suffered for awhile with some back pain I acquired from my career and not lifting correctly. Pilates is already aiding in that relief I’d been craving for so long!! 
I feel taller, leaner, healthier, happier and more in tune with my body than I ever have before; and the amazing instructors have been so incredibly welcoming, informative and always on hand to help!
I’m so incredibly excited to advance in Pilates and see where this journey takes me, and to trying many more classes in the future! Thankyou Ladies!”

Anna Marie
“I cannot recommend riverside studios highly enough. I found returning to exercise after having a baby daunting but Hannah was able to advise me on which classes would be most suitable. The studios are welcoming with a friendly atmosphere, and all the instructors are knowledgeable and motivating. Other members are also helpful and encouraging. overall I’m really pleased I decided to join riverside studios and after a few months I’m already feeling stronger and more toned”

Kathryn Butler
“I am recovering from a fall & didn’t feel able to manage a class at the moment, so I enquired about the one to one Pilates option. I’m so pleased I did! Hannah has been able to target specific problems. In just 2 sessions not only am I considerably more comfortable physically, but through Hannah’s professional, friendly, approachable encouragement & support, I feel so much more positive about my progress!”

Claire Rawlinson
“I’m loving the classes here , after having Spinal Surgery last year I was worried but no need, my mind was put at ease and the instructors were watching over to ensure I’m safe after just weeks of Pilates classes I’m noticing a difference in the way I’m moving and feeling thank you X “

Sarah Patterson
“Riverside studios is a great place, staff are very friendly and make you feel totally at home. The classes are fantastic the staff certainly are experts in there field”

Leah Charlton
“An amazing uplifting place! Brilliant teachers and a lovely friendly atmosphere, would recommend to anyone who needs a confidence boost and wants classes that actually work!”

Sophie Lewis
“I have always preferred high intensity cardio workouts to yoga/ Pilates type classes. However, after being recommended by many friends, I tried Hannah’s Pilates class and was converted after just one session. Her well planned and engaging classes work muscles deeper than any spinning or circuit training class I have ever been to! Her passion for fitness and well being is infectious and really changes the way you think about your body – I can’t rate Hannah and her classes highly enough!!”

Kelly Evans
“Love coming to riverside studios they’ve given me so much support and confidence after having my baby 🙂 can’t recommend it enough.”

Sandra Newson
“Riverside Studios is a friendly, fun studio providing an excellent range of classes all taught by extremely encouraging professional instructors. Hannah is a very special inspirational lady whose passion and professionalism shines through. The atmosphere in the studio is infectious and you are surrounded with a sense of well being and empowerment. I personally cannot be without my classes and cannot recommend the studio highly enough. It’s a fab place to get an excellent workout, excellent results, laugh and meet old/new friends all at the same time. Once you’ve attended one class you won’t look back xx”

Jane Roberts
“After a year of chemo being ill losing my hair and having a mastectomy with underarm lymph removal my self esteem has been at an all time low for 18 months. 2 sessions and I’ve lost weight and feel mentally fitter. That’s magic. I have to undergo another mastectomy and reconstruction this year. You will help me get ready for that!”