During Covid and the period we had to close, we managed to transfer 75% of our clients/members to our online classes and our clients are LOVING it.  It’s a very personal experience and we are still instructing and correcting you throughout your session as we only allow 12 per class to ensure quality of teaching.  We must have taught you in person before joining us online (if you haven’t been taught by us before we can get you into a few of our introductory Pilates classes in the studio).

At present we are primarily online with our LIVE classes as the majority of our clients prefer it this way during this uncertain time.

INTRO CLASSES (face to face in the studio)

These sessions are for 4 clients ONLY at a time with one instructor and are held at our beautiful boutique seaside studio in gorleston. For more info see our homepage or call or email the studio.

GROUP CLASSES (face to face Max of 15)

These sessions will be held at Cliff Park infant on a Tue pm (see below for times). If interested in these sessions please call or email and we will send all relevant information .

Monday09.15Improvers PilatesOnline
10.15Beginners PilatesOnline
18.15Beginners PilatesOnline
19.30Absolute Beginners PilatesOnline
Tuesday09.15Improvers PilatesOnline
10.15Beginners PilatesOnline
18.00Improvers PilatesOnline
18.00Beginners Pilates and RelaxCliff Park Infant
19.15Mens PIlatesCliff Park Infant
Wednesday18.00Garden Pilates for ALL Marine Parade Gorleston
18.00Beginners PilatesCliff Park Infant
19.15Stretch and RelaxationCliff Park Infant
Thursday09.00Garden Pilates for ALLMarine Parade Gorleston
10.30Seated PilatesVenue to be confirmed
18.00Beginners PilatesOnline
19.00Back Care PilatesOnline
Friday09.15Beginners PilatesOnline
10.15Back Care PilatesOnline